packaging arm-none-eabi toolchain for cross-development for ARM "bare metal" (no Linux kernel) systems

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Feb 14 16:48:58 UTC 2010

I wrote:
> I've made some progress towards packaging up an arm-none-eabi toolchain
> and newlib for cross-development for ARM platforms that do not run Linux
> (vs. the arm-gp2x-linux toolchain).  Is anyone else interested in this?
Sergey Rudchenko wrote:
> I wonder if such toolchain can be adopted for Android NDK applications. 
Possibly.  While it isn't my objective, anything that can use binutils 
and gcc configured for "arm-none-eabi" should be able to use them.
> The Android NDK uses arm-eabi-4.2.1 GCC toolchain.
I'm using gcc-4.4.3 because I want recent improvements for ARM Cortex-M3 
microcontrollers.  Unless they've introduced a bug in code generation, I 
imagine that 4.4.3 should be fine for compiling stuff for Android.


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