Name that Tree!

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Sun Feb 14 16:57:51 UTC 2010

On 02/14/2010 11:24 AM, Jesse Keating wrote:

> How do you easily answer the question "What state is Fedora 13 in right
> now?"
> We can say "It's in rawhide still", we can say "It's released", what we
> don't have is what it is between those two.  We could potentially use
> "It's in Alpha, it's in Beta, it's in RC" but that's a lot of names for
> the same kind of thing.  "It's branched" kind of works, but not really.
> Maybe this is less of a name for a tree, and more of a name for at
> tree /state/.  The tree is Fedora 13, the /state/ would be <term>.
> Think of every place we used the term "Pending" during our FAD on
> Friday.

  Maybe follow the kernel naming scheme ..

  12 is the released version
  12.x is what will become 13 ..
  13.rc is now a release candidate (no longer development)
  13 is released


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