Name that Tree!

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Sun Feb 14 17:00:31 UTC 2010

On 02/14/2010 10:52 AM, Mike Chambers wrote:

> Rawhide - Rawhide dir as we know it
> Tanning - Devel branch for next release, in this case 13
> Leather - Official release path, in this case, 12.
> That's the basic process of creating leather, so why not go with it
> (minus leather if want to)?

  I think names should only be used as an adjunct to a version number -
a version number is unique and suffers 0 ambiguity.

  So 12 rawhide is ok .. but rawhide alone is not.

  Silly but obvious example - we had a bug in rawhide - does not tell
you enough - you need to say - we had a bug in rawhide as of (date) or a
bug in rawhide during 12 developemnt .. or some other qualification.

  Whereas a number is unambiguous.


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