Not prepared for 4096 byte sector hard drives?

John Reiser jreiser at
Sun Feb 14 21:18:40 UTC 2010

>>> Yep. But you can align the partition tables to get better results ...

> Does/will the standard Fedora installer act intelligently?

I have seen evidence that partitioning by anaconda is aware of some
relevant properties of recent hardware.  Anaconda-13.25 set the drive
geometry of a USB2.0 flash memory device (with 512 bytes/sector) to
62 sectors/track by 128 heads (tracks/cylinder) instead of 63x225
(which was the previous default, using the maximum values).
Thus a "cylinder" already is divisible by 256 sectors, or 2**17 bytes,
which equals the size of an erase block in many flash devices.  This
guarantees that an aligned 4KiB block never crosses the boundary
between two erase blocks, and therefore avoids penalties when
re-writing. The downside is that the total number of "cylinders"
doubles, and requires another bit to describe.


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