No lzma sdk in fedora

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at
Mon Feb 15 13:48:04 UTC 2010

On Fri, 12 Feb 2010, Milos Jakubicek wrote:

> Oh, I didn't really notice how your repoquery looks like before.
> Libarchive is ok, but there are others:
>> repoquery --whatrequires --alldeps lzma lzma-libs lzma-devel 
> --enablerepo=rawhide
> rpm-build-0:4.7.1-6.fc12.x86_64
> rpm-build-0:4.8.0-9.fc13.x86_64
> man-0:1.6f-25.fc12.x86_64
> autoarchive-0:0.1.2-2.fc12.noarch
> rpm-build-0:4.7.2-1.fc12.x86_64
> man-0:1.6f-22.fc12.x86_64
> man-0:1.6f-26.fc13.x86_64
> man-0:1.6f-24.fc12.x86_64
> lzma-libs-0:4.32.7-3.fc12.x86_64
> lzma-0:4.32.7-3.fc12.x86_64
> lzma-libs-0:4.32.7-3.fc12.i686
> lzma-devel-0:4.32.7-3.fc12.x86_64
> lzma-devel-0:4.32.7-3.fc12.i686
> ...which need to be sorted out.
> CC'ing autoarchive, man and rpm maintainers:
> Ivana, Panu, Fabian: are your packages able to use xz instead?
> (I guess in case of rpm this is just a relict, right?)

Yup, the rpm-build dependency on "lzma" is for the command line utility 
for uncompressing lzma compressed sources and patches. Hmm... and actually 
in current rawhide the lzma dependency is plain bogus %__lzma just points 
to xz:

# Deprecated, use %__xz instead.
%__lzma                 %__xz --format=lzma

I'll kill off the unnecessary dependency.

 	- Panu -

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