Might need to orphan glade3

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Tue Feb 16 05:20:46 UTC 2010

Hello all,
    Recently glade3 was orphaned and I left it alone for about a week
and nobody had picked it up yet and since I use it I decided to snag
it up. I felt it was long enough that nobody really seemed to want to
take it over themselves, I figured I would take it and try to triage
bugs and maintain the package in general. I have however hit an
unfortunate realization about glade3, I lack the time to devote to the
this package that it really deserves and I feel that the package (and
thus the distro/repos) are lacking because of it. I've just been
really busy lately and I'd hate to be the reason the package isn't
being kept up. There have been more bugs against glade3 in the last
week than all my other packages combined and I just don't know that I
could really keep up with it.
    If there are any individuals willing to share some of the work
load I will continue to hold ownership, or if there is a brave sole
out there who is willing to take ownership over completely I will be
willing to help out as much as I am able.

Many thanks to all,

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