Radeon SurroundView support?

Dariusz J. Garbowski thuforuk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 18 01:40:35 UTC 2010


I was wondering about state of Radeon SurroundView support in Fedora. I tried to get it working 
couple of months ago with 4670 + IGP 790GX and even got the X server start with 3 displays but 
neither Gnome nor KDE window manager knew how to handle it properly. Basically, no window could have 
been moved to the third display so apart of displaying blue background the third screen was kinda 

In addition, mouse pointer transitions between second and third display were curious to say the 
least. The cursor moved nicely from first to second to third display but when going back it showed 
up on the first screen...

I got to that point setting up hand crafted xorg.conf. Is there any work or testing being done on 
supporting multi-monitor setups (as in: more than 2 screens)? Perhaps I have gotten something wrong?


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