Heads up! Broken deps in Upgrade from 12 to 13

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Mon Feb 22 13:14:19 UTC 2010

On 02/20/2010 08:15 PM, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Just for kicks, the current
>    Upgrade from  12+updates  to  13+updates+testing
> broken deps look like below. While several may be due to dead packages
> that have been removed in 13, some are likely due to violated upgrade
> paths and bad/missing Obsoletes for old subpackages.

> ======================================================================
> Broken packages in fedora-12-i386:
>     blacs-lam-1.1-33.fc12.i686  requires  blacs-common = 0:1.1-33.fc12
>     scalapack-lam-1.7.5-7.fc12.i686  requires  scalapack-common = 0:1.7.5-7.fc12

I'm not sure how to fix this. Both of these issues were resolved with
Fedora 12 updates (pushed and live for some time).

Did you run this check against dist-f12 or dist-f12-updates ?


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