Fwd: Inclusion of Ingres RDBMS in Fedora

Jay Hankinson jeremy.hankinson at ingres.com
Tue Feb 23 03:09:22 UTC 2010

Hello Fedora Devs,

Over the last few weeks, I spent a lot of time review and amending the
Ingres (a highly scalable, full-featured open source RDBMS) building and
packaging process with the intention of submitting it for inclusion in
the Fedora distribution. We've had binary RPM support for a while but
was far from being LSB compliant and violated other packaging standards.

The focus of the work has largely been based on information found at:


and I am now at a point where I can build 3 binary RPMs (ingres-client,
ingres-server, ingres-devel) which comply with the above guidelines and
which cause rpmlint to return very few errors. However, one major thing
that is still missing is the ability to build an SRPM for the source
tree and crafting an SPEC file for this is the next thing on my task
list. As I think this will be a fairly substantial undertaking and
something I'm not very familiar with, I'm keen to get some advice and
guidance with the project in the hopes of getting things done right (or
at least more right) the first time. Also, there are a few issues that
have arisen from building the binary RPMs that I would like to get
clarification (i.e. how much of a problem are they) on before starting
on the SRPM spec:

     * Ingres requires that the server executable is setuid (non-root)
     * Current build process uses $ORIGIN for relative RPATH linking.
     * Executable stack code

If the best approach is "write the spec, follow the guidelines, create a
Bugzilla issue and we'll go from there", then that is what I will do. If
I can gain experience by assisting in with the packaging of other
software for fedora then I'm happy to do this too.

If this is the wrong list for this posting, apologies and please direct
me to the appropriate forum.

Thanks in advance,

Jay Hankinson
Senior Developer
Ingres Emerging Technologies Team

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