Incompatible upgrade - Is this workaround ok? (mysql-mmm)

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Thu Feb 25 03:26:07 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 11:36 AM, BJ Dierkes
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> Hello all,
> I maintain Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL in both Fedora and EPEL.  With changes from 2.0.11 -> 2.1.0 there was an incompatible change in that the daemon scripts were renamed:
> mmmd_agent -> mmm_agentd
> mmmd_mon -> mmm_mond

I think this will need someone from Fedora packaging to comment versus
EPEL (as that would have precedence.) My un-educated opinion is that
there would not be a problem with symlinks if its for files. [Symlinks
for directories I think causes RPM heartburn somewhere but thats a
vague recollection.]

> Upgrades obviously break because the INIT scripts and configuration files reference the path to the files.  Would a sufficient work-around be a symlink to the old path, or would that not be kosher for any reason?
> Thank you for your feedback.
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