creating file in koji allowed?

Thomas Spura spurath at
Thu Feb 25 21:29:21 UTC 2010

Hi list,

I never saw this anywhere before, so I'd like to ask here first, before
doing so ;)

Is it allowed to create a file ~/.mpd.conf, when building in koji and
deleting afterwards?

I need to write down a password into that file, for running a testsuite.
If that file does not exist, I can't run mpich2 tests.

Here is the snipped, I intend to use:

# create ~/.mpd.conf, if it does not yet exist
if [ -e ~/.mpd.conf ]; then
    # working locally, don't delete ~/.mpd.conf
    echo MPD_SECRETWORD=$(pwgen -s 50 1) > ~/.mpd.conf
    chmod 600 ~/.mpd.conf

mpd --daemon
PYTHONPATH=%{buildroot}%{python3_sitearch}/mpich2 \
    python3 test/

# delte ~/.mpd.conf again
if [ $DONT_DEL = "FALSE" ]; then
    rm ~/.mpd.conf


This prefectly works with my local rpmbuild and local mock and there
won't probably be an issue with that, but is this 'the safe way' to do?
(This also use my local ~/.mpd.conf and does not owerwrite it or deletes
it afterwards.)

Thanks in advance.


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