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Colin Walters walters at
Fri Feb 26 03:59:23 UTC 2010

Hello internets,

I fairly strongly think we should have a default "Fedora Virt Server"
image.  Rather than asking the internets to make it as I have in the
past, recently I needed to install one so I looked at what's out

There is:

But as far as I can tell have not produced any consumables (though I
hope some of the other stuff like NM/network work happened!)  There is

However, I wasn't actually interested in "ultra minimal", and in any
case the AOS Spin has a few serious flaws:

* Disables SELinux and the firewall - this is a dealbreaker.
* Uses a root password by default (this is broken)

Cobbler also has various sample kickstarts, which share the above flaws.

So here's what I propose.  We create a spin, hosted in
spin-kickstarts.ks, called "fedora-virt-server.ks", which simply
reflects @base from comps, plus openssh-server.

The goal of "Fedora Virt Server" is:

* A default configuration suitable for virtualized use (i.e. uses full
hard drive by default, etc)
* Fully automated installation - absolutely no questions from anaconda.
* By default set up for remote access, thus openssh-server, and the
.ks file helps you set up a public SSH key (and *not* a root

I've attached my proposed file, and will commit to spin-kickstarts
unless there are any objections.

Basically the idea is that you can use this kickstart file to get
something you can log into remotely and bootstrap whatever else you
want, whether that's mock (as it is in my case) or some web
application frontend, etc.

I'm hoping other people can help maintain this =)  But I think this
use case should be very important to Fedora, as it's very important
for prominent derived operating systems.  We should ensure that Fedora
stays fairly minimal in this case, and use it to showcase any work on
the core operating system (i.e. not the desktop).
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