default fedora-virt-server.ks

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at
Fri Feb 26 04:26:42 UTC 2010

On 2/25/2010 21:59, Colin Walters wrote:
> I fairly strongly think we should have a default "Fedora Virt Server"
> image.  Rather than asking the internets to make it as I have in the
> past, recently I needed to install one so I looked at what's out
> there.
> There is:
> But as far as I can tell have not produced any consumables (though I
> hope some of the other stuff like NM/network work happened!)  There is
> also:
> However, I wasn't actually interested in "ultra minimal", and in any
> case the AOS Spin has a few serious flaws:
> * Disables SELinux and the firewall - this is a dealbreaker.
> * Uses a root password by default (this is broken)
> Cobbler also has various sample kickstarts, which share the above flaws.
> So here's what I propose.  We create a spin, hosted in
> spin-kickstarts.ks, called "fedora-virt-server.ks", which simply
> reflects @base from comps, plus openssh-server.
> The goal of "Fedora Virt Server" is:
> * A default configuration suitable for virtualized use (i.e. uses full
> hard drive by default, etc)
> * Fully automated installation - absolutely no questions from anaconda.
> * By default set up for remote access, thus openssh-server, and the
> .ks file helps you set up a public SSH key (and *not* a root
> password).
> I've attached my proposed file, and will commit to spin-kickstarts
> unless there are any objections.
> Basically the idea is that you can use this kickstart file to get
> something you can log into remotely and bootstrap whatever else you
> want, whether that's mock (as it is in my case) or some web
> application frontend, etc.
> I'm hoping other people can help maintain this =)  But I think this
> use case should be very important to Fedora, as it's very important
> for prominent derived operating systems.  We should ensure that Fedora
> stays fairly minimal in this case, and use it to showcase any work on
> the core operating system (i.e. not the desktop).

The Cloud SIG is working on that type of thing right now, kickstart and 
all.  (Actually we already have a proposed kickstart that's more minimal 
than that if you want to take a look at it.)  I recommend subscribing to 
the cloud list and/or hanging out on #fedora-cloud.

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