FESCo wants to ban direct stable pushes in Bodhi (urgent call for feedback)

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Fri Feb 26 20:52:03 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 03:46:39PM -0500, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Till Maas (opensource at till.name) said: 
> > I just have another idea: Add the karma value to the repository
> > metadata and write a yum plugin to only install packages with a certain
> > amount of karma. I just checked that stable packages may still receive
> > karma, so then everyone can pre-select packages based on the karma. And
> > people for whom the current system works good enough, can disable it.
> > And security updates could still be installed using the yum-security
> > plugin.
> Given the interdependencies between updates, I'm not sure that's really
> practical. What happens when (theoretically) new thunderbird is +3
> but the new xulrunner it depends on is -3?

Off course all dependencies need positive karma, too. Afaik
--skip-broken would take care of this.

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