Fedora Release Engineering meeting summary for 2010-02-26

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Fri Feb 26 20:56:18 UTC 2010


 Minutes (text):


Meeting summary
* roll call  (Oxf13, 18:00:59)
  * Present are Oxf13 dgilmore notting wwoods poelcat jwb and nirik
    (Oxf13, 18:04:57)

* Old Business (SOPs)  (Oxf13, 18:05:36)
  * LINK:

    (Oxf13, 18:06:36)
  * ACTION: jwb hopes to get a pushing updates SOP rough draft to
    poelcat next week  (Oxf13, 18:08:24)

* Old Business (/mnt/koji storage)  (Oxf13, 18:11:10)
  * performance tests being performed.  It's better, but not huge
    magnitude better.  (Oxf13, 18:13:06)

* Old Business (dist-git update)  (Oxf13, 18:15:49)
  * nothing new here this week, same story as last week  (Oxf13,
  * dist-git changes impact secondary arch  (Oxf13, 18:18:50)

* Old Business (No Frozen Rawhide)  (Oxf13, 18:19:57)
  * notting wonders if there has been a pickup on testing of updates in
    bodhi for f13  (Oxf13, 18:23:24)
  * Oxf13 has noticed karma being applied, not sure if it's more or less
    than usual.  (Oxf13, 18:23:40)

* ticket 3420  (Oxf13, 18:25:43)
  * Should be able to copy a known good nightly live image for this need
    (Oxf13, 18:30:35)
  * Need to know if the software on the nightly image is enough for the
    translators, or if they can install missing software OK  (Oxf13,
  * notting updated the ticket with the questions needed answering
    (Oxf13, 18:31:20)

* F13 Alpha  (Oxf13, 18:33:19)
  * Alpha slipped by a week  (Oxf13, 18:33:25)
  * RC4 was produced and posted, testing currently happening  (Oxf13,
  * LINK:

    (Oxf13, 18:33:43)
  * LINK:

    (Oxf13, 18:33:54)
  * What spins will we produce for Alpha?  (Oxf13, 18:37:20)
  * ACTION: Oxf13 will communicate with spin sig and try to set an
    expectation  (Oxf13, 18:38:34)
  * LINK: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Spins_Fedora_13
    (poelcat, 18:42:27)
  * https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Spins_Fedora_13  (poelcat,
  * could mention nightly composes when announcing the Alpha  (Oxf13,

* Open Floor  (Oxf13, 18:46:00)

* releng additions  (Oxf13, 18:46:08)
  * Till Mass is now helping with tag request  (Oxf13, 18:46:56)
  * Oxf13 wants to give a big thank you to Till for stepping up and
    really kicking butt  (Oxf13, 18:47:16)
  * Nick Petrov to help out with Fedora releng work as well  (Oxf13,
  * could use koji groups to grant tag access instead of koji admin
    rights  (Oxf13, 18:51:36)

* Critical Path Updates  (Oxf13, 18:51:55)
  * F13 critpath updates require karma to get pushed, and that karma has
    to come from our group or QA  (Oxf13, 18:52:19)
  * Would like to see some ideas on growing releng group  (Oxf13,
  * Mentoring process and requirements will be very very similar between
    releng and qa groups.  need to work together  (Oxf13, 18:57:39)
  * LINK:
    summarizes how other distros do it  (wwoods, 19:07:04)
  * any releng effort to grow the group should work with the QA efforts
    linked in this meeting  (Oxf13, 19:08:46)

* open floor  (Oxf13, 19:09:43)

Meeting ended at 19:11:53 UTC.

Action Items
* jwb hopes to get a pushing updates SOP rough draft to poelcat next
* Oxf13 will communicate with spin sig and try to set an expectation

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
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