FESCo wants to ban direct stable pushes in Bodhi (urgent call for feedback)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sat Feb 27 00:40:28 UTC 2010

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> While the ethos as defined on the wiki mentions staying close to upstream
> and getting the latest software, there's nothing that says that it's done
> via updates. I would not categorically state that your reading is the
> only valid reading, or even close to the canonical one.
> In fact, the wiki implies that this is done via the rapid release cycle,
> not updates.

It may not be strictly codified, but in practice it is a big part of what 
Fedora is and many users choose it for that. And it is also the main 
technical difference between us and Ubuntu. (I know there's also the 
licensing stuff, like Ubuntu bundling proprietary drivers, but that's not 
that big a difference in practice, it's not like those drivers cannot be 
easily removed (or added, yuck!).)

        Kevin Kofler

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