opencv 2.0.0 soname change

Haïkel Guémar karlthered at
Sat Feb 27 14:54:27 UTC 2010

Branches affected: F-13 and devel

Since OpenCV has deleted few weeks ago the autotools based build system,
we will switch to cmake :

The main issue is that the two build system set two different sonames
(2.0.0 for cmake, 4.0.0 for autotools). OpenCV 2.0 is present in Fedora
since F-13 (which has not been released) and OpenCV folks have settled
the issue by ditching autotools based build system.

This allows us to follow more closely upstream (which i hope will be
more careful about soname issue) and should avoid us soname issue in
stable release. It must be fixed before F-13 release.

packages concerned:
(maintainers were already add to the CC list)
If you're concerned, please add yourself to the following ticket #569005
and tell us when your package has been rebuilt.

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