Impasse on packaging JOGL and Gluegen

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Sun Feb 28 14:39:43 UTC 2010

Hi, gentlemen,
some time the inclusion of the software Scilab [1] in our repos has been barred
by various dependencies, which were being resolved with time. Currently, the biggest reason we do not have this
software in our repos is that it relies in a software called JOGL [2].
big question here is that JOGL, in his turn, depends on other software called
Gluegen [3] and, more specifically, it depends on the **source tree** of
Gluegen, as explained in the instructions for build [4]:

5 - Check out the GlueGen source tree:
GlueGen relies on the project to autogenerate most of the Java and JNI code for
the OpenGL interface. The JOGL / and gluegen /
workspaces must be side-by-side in order for JOGL to build properly. "

this stage, we have drafts of packages for both, Gluegen [5] and JOGL [6], but
we got to the stalemate that JOGL continues to need Gluegen’s **code** to build
his own build.xml, so, even if we have Gluegen packaged and installed, what
matters for the correct build of JOGL is the gluegen’s code side by side.
first I thought it would be better to generate both packages from a single .spec,
then I decided to create a separate package for Gluegen and provide a tarball
of that Gluegen’s code as Source1 for the compilation of JOGL.
Chen Lei said, the fact that JOGL needs this code may mean that it will be blocked
forever for packaging, but I do not particularly see a big problem.
more details, please, read the log in bugzilla and give your ideas regarding
this question.

[1] -
[2] - https: / / /
[3] - https: / / /
[4] -
[5] - https: /
/ / show_bug.cgi? Id = 439627
[6] - https: /
/ / show_bug.cgi? Id = 439630 ------------------------------
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