Proposal: fedora-release-rawhide subpackage

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Thu Jan 7 21:00:25 UTC 2010

On Thu, 7 Jan 2010 12:28:59 +0000
Mat Booth <fedora at> wrote:

> You must do a lot more Fedora user support than I do; is it really a
> frequent occurrence that users unwittingly enable Rawhide and screw up
> their systems?
> Not a criticism, I'm just surprised it happens at all.

Yeah, I would say we get about 1 person a week or so in #fedora that
decided they wanted as many choices as possible, so they enabled every
repo file they had installed. I guess it's sometimes more, sometimes

> Maybe the problem could be solved just by labelling it clearer,
> rawhide-development or something.

Currently it says: 

# These packages are untested and still under development. This
# repository is used for development of new releases.
# This repository can see significant daily turnover and major
# functionality changes which cause unexpected problems with other
# development packages. Please use these packages if you want to work
# with the Fedora developers by testing these new development packages.
# fedora-test-list at is available as a discussion forum for
# testing and troubleshooting for development packages in conjunction
# with new test releases.
# More information is available at 
# Reproducible and reportable issues should be filed at

However, the people who enable all repos (including source and
debuginfo) aren't the ones who would stop doing that after reading most
anything I don't think. They want everything enabled so they can have
the most choice/newest stuff, and then are very sad when they find out
they have to re-install to go back to the stable release. 

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