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Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Thu Jan 14 20:49:15 UTC 2010

On Thu, 07.01.10 10:42, Nathanael D. Noblet (nathanael at gnat.ca) wrote:

> Hello,
>   First off, not trying to bash or otherwise start a war about pulseaudio.
>   Just checking if anyone else is experiencing issues with the
> latest F12 update (0.9.21-2) of pulseaudio?
>   For me changing between tracks in rhythmbox include a sound 'pop'
> at the same time as the volume goes up/down. Also when doing tab
> completion in gnome-terminal the music playing nearly pauses for the
> tab 'ding' sound. I have reverted to the original version (0.9.19-2)
> and it seems to work, however the volume control applet can't start
> as it is looking for newer pulseaudio libs, even though I reverted
> it...

Most likely the dB information exposed by your driver is simply
incorrect. When PA plays two streams with different volumes it will
configure the hw volume to the louder stream and then digitally
attenuate the other one. That way we should make the best of the
capabilities of your hw.

However, if the sound card's mixer elements carry incorrect dB
information PA will attenuate the other stream by the wrong level, and
that's probably why your music changes the volume when that ding
stream is played.

PA is the first real user of the dB information provided by the
driver. Naturally that means that due to lack of testing for some
drivers the dB information is hence not reliable. Yours seems to be
one of those cases.

You can fix this issue by disabling flat-volumes by setting
flat-volumes=no in daemon.conf. Ideally however those drivers should
get fixed. 


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