ABRT frustrating for users and developers

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 16 15:01:38 UTC 2010

I know that APRT is still very young technology, but after 2 months it's
time for a interim conclusion. For me the conclusions are:


      * abrt is a help for developers: I received one positive feedback
        from a developer: The backtrace looks "interesting" but cannot
        be fixed without a major rewrite of the app.

      * abrt helps to fix bugs sometimes: So far abrt helped me to fix
        three crashes in two apps (in Fedora and upstream).


      * Unfortunately 3 out of ~ 40 reports is not a good percentage.

      * As already pointed out by Michael Schwendt some time ago, there
        were some good traces in the beginning but then they became
        unusable. Starting with abrt 1.0.2 it got better again but I
        still get bogus reports sometimes.

      * As a maintainer abrt causes a lot of work. You have to respond
        to the tickets, ask for details, explain how to install
        debuginfo manually and tell people that their

      * abrt is frustrating for maintainers: Upstream refuses to accept
        the backtraces generated by abrt. Happened to me three times.

      * abrt is frustrating for users: Today I received my first "No
        need for a reply...I will stop submitting tickets."

Can somebody confirm my observations?


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