Heads up, API beaking Xerces-c update in rawhide

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 21:19:22 UTC 2010

Good day all,

As a side effect of looking into the xqilla FTBFS bug, the new xqilla
maintainer and I found that xerces-c is terribly out of date.  We're
shipping xerces-c-2.8 and Apache has been shipping xerces-c-3.x since 2008.
The last 2.x release was in 2007.

The xqilla maintainer is also going to be taking over the xerces-c package
and wants to update to xerces-c-3.x in rawhide. This will affect a small
number of packages:

blahtexml -- jasper
cegui -- jwrdegoede
dbxml -- orphan
dbxml-perl -- orphan
enigma -- thl
frepple -- jdetaeye
gdal -- rezso
glest -- bruno
opensaml -- stevetraylen
ovaldi -- lkundrak
qpidc -- nsantos
xalan-c -- lkundrak
xerces-c -- peter
xmlcopyeditor -- ivazquez
xml-security-c -- anttix
xmltooling -- stevetraylen
xqilla10 -- orphan
xqilla -- jonathanrobie
xsd -- anttix

This is an API breaking change (although some segments of the API are
unchanged; for instance, if you only use the SAX parser nothing is supposed
to be different) so some packages may not build after this.  Since it's been
two years, it's likely that some of these packages have been tested and will
work with xerces-c-3 (perhaps after an update of their own).

Information about the API changes is here:

If a lot of these packages cannot be updated to xerces-c-3.x then creating
a xerces-c-2.x package is a possibility but we'd need to work out who wants
to build and maintain it and some build scripts may need to be changed as the
header files for xerces-c-2 and xerces-c-3 conflict (therefore, the headers
for the new xerces-c2 package would need to be moved)

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