Beware: Thunderbird (ver 3.0.1) CORRUPTS all email state

Steve Dickson SteveD at
Thu Jan 28 15:05:29 UTC 2010

On 01/28/2010 08:58 AM, Nikola Pajkovsky wrote:
> Dne 28.1.2010 14:17, Steve Dickson napsal(a):
>> [Bug 559312] thunderbird corrupts mail indices (Old mail marked as new)
>> For the last 24hrs all my mail state (read/unread, all tags) have
>> been completely destroyed. DO NOT upgrade to version 3.0.1!!!
>> Most of us really take pride in making sure what we push out to
>> the community has been tested and will not be disruptive
>> or destructive. Then there a small group of people that simply
>> don't give a damn what they push out or the havoc they cause.
>> This makes the *entire* community look like crap...
>> My goal here is twofold. One alert everyone that your mail will
>> be destroyed if you upgrade to 3.0.1 and to shine light on
>> shoddy work in hopes they will take pride in one, fixing the
>> problem ASAP and two change their process so things like
>> stop happen...
>> IMHO... events like this is the reason why Linux (Fedora explicitly)
>> is having such a hard time being accepted the mainstream....
>> steved.
> Same issue. It's solved in thunderbird 3.1a1.
Where is this build? I don't see it in the koji...
I will be more than willing to test it and give 
it some good karma! 


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