Subscribing to package updates in bodhi?

Andreas Bierfert andreas.bierfert at
Fri Jul 2 15:02:43 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 16:33 +0200, Julian Aloofi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a pretty simple question:
> Is there a way to "subscribe" to certain packages in bodhi so that I get
> a notification via mail whenever updates are queued for it or pushes
> happen? That would be pretty useful for monitoring changes of
> dependencies, so I have enough time to make sure my package works with
> the newer version like it should.
> Does such a feature exist? If not, what would be the best way to
> accomplish something like that (I mean, except of asking the maintainer
> to send me a mail everytime he plans to update)?
> Thanks for answers in advance,
> Julian

I don't know about bodhi but in koji you can subscribe for notifications
depending on packages/tags. It might even make more sense if you want to
test your packages with new versions.

- Andreas
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