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Thu Jul 8 20:28:13 UTC 2010

Greetings Fedora developers... 

First some background for folks that were not around back in the day: 

There used to be a "Fedora Core" and a "Fedora Extras". "Fedora Core"
was maintained internally inside Red Hat by Red Hat employees. "Fedora
Extras" was maintained by community folks much in the way Fedora is
now. After Fedora Core 6 was released, "Fedora Core" and "Fedora
Extras" were merged into "Fedora". This was pretty much done by moving
all the "Fedora Core" Packages into the external/community Extras

During this merge, it was noted that the "Fedora Extras" packages had
all passed a review of some kind and in general were more in line with
packaging guidelines and such, while the Core packages had not had
reviews and in many cases were created long before the current
guidelines were in place or known. So, "Merge review" tickets were
filed on all the formerly Core packages so they could get reviewed and
checked for compliance with the current guidelines. 

There was an initial push to review this packages and try and get them
all done, but several factors combined to make this not happen: lack of
reviewers, lack of response from maintainers who feel review is
cosmetic and low priority, etc. 

So, here we are today with 242 still open merge reviews:
(Plus a few that were closed when they shouldn't have been). 

So, what do we do? 

Some possible options:

a) Just close them all, any bugs in spec files in those packages can be
filed as bugs against them. 

b) Try and make some kind of concerted effort to get the last 242 done? 
We would need both people willing to review and maintainers willing to
commit changes and get things completed. 

c) Just leave them open and let people pick pick pick away at them a
few at a time? We might be done by Fedora20. Or perhaps not. 

d) Require new package submissions to the review queue to show that
they reviewed a merge review before their package could be reviewed. 

e) Stop allowing non merge review packages into the collection until
the merge reviews were all done. 

f) Make a concerted push to clear the NEEDSPONSOR blocker. Get all
those folks sponsored and ask them all to do a few merge reviews. 

g) Your clever idea here.... 


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