Naming issue for meego 1.0 related packages

pbrobinson at pbrobinson at
Fri Jul 9 12:43:37 UTC 2010

Hi Chen,

As I'm the MeeGo maintainer let me outline my thoughts and reasoning
behind my MeeGo strategy.

> I intend to review two meego-related packages[1][2], but I'm confused
> with which package name will be more appropiate.
> [1]
> [2]

All moblin packages will be renamed to meego. Whether that is all
during the F-14 timeframe or isn't completed until F-15 I'm not sure
yet. All new packages I intend to call meego as I don't see the point
in reviewing them now and renaming them in a month or two, possibly

> The packager is determined to package meego 1.0 packages for F14 which
> means we need to package old versions instead of latest upstream
> version. Meego 1.0 still use old package name moblin-*  the same as
> moblin 2.1 for all of  its packages. Howerver, upstream renamed all of
> those package to meego-* in meego 1.1 which will be released in Oct.
> 2010.

No I'm not determined to package MeeGo 1.0 for F-14. So please don't
change what I have said. In the short term I plan to package MeeGo 1.0
for the alpha so that there is something for people to start testing
with. There's currently very little in the MeeGo 1.1 release and
there's a lot of churn due to the renaming upstream which is and will
cause us problems. So once F-14 alpha is out and the F-14/rawhide
branch has taken place I can then do all the rename breakage in F-15
and get the 1.1 package deps shake up stabilized there while people
can continue to test some stuff in MeeGo 1.0 in the F-14 branch where
its hopefully slightly stable and some of the other things that have
changed from Moblin 2.1 to 1.0 have changed and can be closely tested.
Once MeeGo 1.1 in F-15 rawhide is OK and looking OK I can then build
and tag it quickly and simply into F-14.

> I want to ask if it's appropiate to use new package name meego-*
> instead of moblin-* for meego 1.0 packages.
> e.g.
> meego-panel-devices
> Upstream uses moblin-panel-devices[3] in meego 1.0, but renamed it to
> meego-panel-devices[4] in meego 1.1. If we intend to package version
> 0.1.30, then which name will be more appropriate?
> [3]
> [4]
> Note:
> It seems upstream will not rename those packages to meego-*  in meego 1.0.

No, but that was due to time and QA in the lead up to release. We
don't need to follow 100% what they do and I don't see the point in 2
package reviews for the one package in less than a month. The upstream
git even for the 1.0 release is called meego, its clearly stated in
the upstream the direction the package names are going so I don't see
what the issue is.


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