Naming issue for meego 1.0 related packages

pbrobinson at pbrobinson at
Sun Jul 11 12:14:42 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 12:52 PM, Michel Alexandre Salim
<michael.silvanus at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 9:27 PM, Chen Lei <supercyper1 at> wrote:
>> 2010/7/10 pbrobinson at <pbrobinson at>:
>>> Yes, but most of the Netbook side of things are from Moblin. Also if
>>> you look at a lot of the clutter/mx and other stuff they now do make
>>> tarballs and in some cases only in the last weeks. Don't rule it out.
>>> After all they cut tar files for the rpms, all they have to do it
>>> publish them separately. In the Moblin case it was just resources that
>>> stopped them originally and they eventually started to do it.
>> Historically, moblin VCS have the function of making tarballs
>> automatically, but they don't publish them to some other places for
>> downloading. Meego moved all those packages to gitorious now, it seems
>> like gitorious don't have the same function, so I think we can hardly
>> assume meego will publish all tarballs soon based on the fact that a
>> few widely-used packages(e.g. clutter mx qt pyside) in gitorious
>> release tarballs publicly now. By the way, those well-known packages
>> don't belong to meego project now, they all have seperate website.
>> Except there's a change in the infrastructure of gitorious, I think
>> using tarballs from upstream's SRPM is a better choice than pulling
>> source from git repo directly.
> I experienced this recently with another project (openSUSE's build
> service client) -- GitHub lets you download a project's tagged
> snapshots as tarballs, but Gitorious does not have this functionality.
> I'll have to agree with Chen Lei here. It would be much easier to
> upstream bug reports -- so people running MeeGo can easily verify them
> -- if the same tarball is used to build the software in the first
> place.

I don't agree with the easier, and the releases are all built on tags.

Well someone will have to get the policy added to the packaging
guidelines. There's guidelines for using VC repos but not for using
tar files from other distros source packages.


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