Should GnuPG 1.4.x be revived?

Karel Klic kklic at
Tue Jul 13 08:54:06 UTC 2010


several users of Emacs and one user of Vim complained in rhbz#574406 [1]
that they can no longer use their editor to open and edit gpg-encrypted 
files in Fedora 13.

The reason is that GnuPG 1.4 was deprecated after Fedora 12 release, and 
GnuPG 2 was introduced to replace it. However, GnuPG 2 is not entirely 
compatible with GnuPG 1.4.

I looked at GnuPG 2 and it seems that it would be very difficult to 
modify Emacs and Vim to support it. GnuPG 2 does not allow to enter a 
password using shell -- it needs entire terminal (as it uses ncurses 
program pinentry-curses).
Text editors can use only shell to send a password to GnuPG.

What about reviving GnuPG 1.4? It is maintained, secure, supported, and 
its integration into text editors is used extensively and works well. It 
can live alongside GnuPG 2.

What do you think? Any idea how to solve this issue?



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