Partial mass rebuild for Python 2.7 coming soon (I hope)

David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Wed Jul 21 00:02:13 UTC 2010

I'm planning to do a partial mass-rebuild for Python 2.7.

This would cover all Python 2 users within the distribution, roughly
1000 src.rpms.

Some notes can be seen at:

I hoped to start this tomorrow (2010-07-21) at 16:00 UTC, but it looks
like I need to wait until at least after the outage that's due for that
time [1]. Further, I'm still waiting to hear back to see if the build
should be done with the "gold" linker, rather than "gnu-ld" [2].  I will
delay the build until after a decision is made on this.

This may mean that I'll wait until 2010-07-22.

Some areas of uncertainty remain:
- the script to do this, as written, assumes no build ordering is
needed.  I know that some ordering is needed, and plan to manually order
the first four builds which I hope is the bulk of it, but it's not clear
to me if more is needed; I'm running some tests to try to better
determine this.

Hope this makes sense


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