glibc heads up

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Jul 21 15:54:32 UTC 2010

right now a glibc build is going on that has --enablekernel=2.6.32

from Jakub

Bumping that from 2.6.18 used currently means e.g. to get rid of compat
bloat for private futexes, utimensat, fallocate, O_CLOEXEC/pipe2 etc. (lots
of cloexec/nonblocking stuff), ADJ_OFFSET_SS_READ, accept4, realtime clocks
in futexes, missing AT_RANDOM, preadv/pwritev, F_GETOWN_EX.

Especially private futexes and the cloexec/nonblock stuff affects quite a
lot of glibc code.

what this does mean is that you can no longer use rhel5 to build  fedora 14 
and newer packages.  though you had to jump though hoops already to do this

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