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Wed Jul 21 18:52:45 UTC 2010

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On 07/20/2010 11:22 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
>>> Using names like f13, el5, and so forth would also keep dist-git 
>>> consistent with git branch naming conventions.  If we were to do 
>>> something like that we might as well just use the value of %{dist}.
> But that's just too obviously right for us to be allowed to do it!
>> That was going to be my next question, although that would bring back
>> the "c" in fc13 and fc14 since that's what the dist value is.  We could
>> bite the bullet and change the dist value to remove the c, and just
>> manually keep track of making sure that builds on older releases won't
>> be "newer" than builds on the newer branches.  not sure if we want to go
>> through that pain at this point.
> I'd say bite the bullet.  Die, little c, die!  It just looks silly there
> nowadays, since the C-word has not been in our vocabulary for so long now.
> What does "manually" mean, anyway?  A database query and a short script?
> Roll it into existing nag mail or update sanity-checking stuff?  This seems
> like a simple enough matter among all the things we're nowadays trying to
> have some coherent checking for.

Well, we don't have autoqa live as of yet, live enough to prevent n-v-r
mishaps from going out to users.  So it would take some maintainer
diligence.  Honestly though if we were going to make a dist eval change
I'd want to make it across all the active branches and reduce the
potential for n-v-r mishaps.

>> Yes. Branches of rawhide would be of the form origin/<branch> so if we
>> don't find one of our expected f(c)??,el?,olpc? we default to building
>> for rawhide.
> Where is the mapping of branch name patterns to koji build targets going to
> live?  Is it just in fedpkg locally and you'll change the norm only by
> pushing a fedora-packager update in each release?  (That doesn't sound very
> likely.  People use older Fedoras with older fedora-packager installed to
> commit and trigger newer dist builds.)  Or is it partly local and partly
> gotten from the (koji?) server, or what?  (In the CVS system this is the
> common/branches file, which is both locally available in that it's a local
> file in your common/ checkout, and centrally maintained in CVS.)

It'll live within fedpkg.  It will basically make the assumption that if
you're on a branch, eg f13, it'll target
'dist-<branch>-updates-candidate'.  And if you're not on a branch, it'll
target 'dist-rawhide'.  We'll do koji magic to make sure 'dist-rawhide'
points things in the right direction, but the upshot is that nothing
needs to change on the developer's system each time we branch and start
up a new release.

> Thanks,
> Roland

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