[HEADS-UP] systemd for F14 - the next steps

Miloslav Trmač mitr at volny.cz
Thu Jul 22 02:40:51 UTC 2010

Lennart Poettering píše v Čt 22. 07. 2010 v 04:11 +0200: 
> Or to put this differently: launchd is in fact one great invention. It
> is a design an engineer up with, not a user/admin. And there's a reason
> for that. That's not to say the user/admin is dumb or anything, but the
> technical possibilities are known to the developer best and that's why
> they came up with this great design.
You know, if you let a good engineer design a car, you get a Formula 1.
It looks cool, it has great features and great performance.

And only a few people in the world would actually want to use one, when
given the option.

A Formula 1 is not allowed on regular roads, people don't want to spend
so much time learning a different and unforgiving driving mechanism, and
they definitely don't want to seat their family and kids in one.

systemd is currently a racing car.  The people who are asking you for a
minivan are not stupid, or out to get you; they have better things to do
with their time than to adapt their entire life to owning a racing car.
Yes, they'd like to have a better minivan, but given their life, they
need a _minivan_.  If you keep trying to sell them a racing car, they'll
eventually just let you play with your racing car and go elsewhere.

The racing car technology needs to be transferred to the minivan
concept; if it means leaving some cool technology unused, so be it.

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