systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

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Tue Jun 1 00:06:50 UTC 2010

On Wed, 26.05.10 09:08, Seth Vidal (skvidal at wrote:

> > Scripts are a crutch to avoid properly designed daemons and
> > configuration systems.  I never edit initscripts to "configure"
> > daemons, because they would just be overwritten at the next package
> > upgrade.  Configuration should be separate from code.
> And given my experience dealing with actual real-world designed daemons 
> and other such things, I'd say we've shown no ability to 'properly' design 
> them and won't be showing that anytime soon. So since we have to live in 
> the world, let's not go shooting our feet off.

Well, this sounds like an ad for systemd:

since it is hard to get writing daemons right, we have tought systemd a
lot of tricks so that what you need to do for proper daemonizations is
near to zero. systemd can do a lot of stuff for you, the forking, the
supervising, the dropping of privs, the setting up of a clean working
environment and more. Also, PID files are unnecessary with systemd. In
effect writing a daemon becomes very easy then, because the environment
will be set up completely for you right-away.


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