tor-lsb -- hey, look, package script, don't complain to _me_. I'm just installing you.

Chen Lei supercyper1 at
Wed Jun 2 02:46:30 UTC 2010

2010/6/2 Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at>:
> Chen Lei wrote:
>> The maintainer refuse some others to co-maintain tor package or help
>> him to solve this issue. It's a bit complicated to fix this, fedora
>> policy seems don't permit provenpackagers to commit a package if the
>> maintainer are very unwilling to do so. It should be decided by fesco
>> in which condition that a provenpackager can commit a package
>> regardless the unwillingness of the package owner.
> FYI, FESCo decided on this particular issue that a provenpackager can fix
> tor to comply with our initscripts guidelines for released Fedoras. (As far
> as I know, the maintainer already fixed the Rawhide package.)
>        Kevin Kofler

No yet, as I known:), he only add a sysv initscripr to cvs, the
package in rawhide still use -lsb and -upstart. Also the upstart
subpackage works silly, it may need further optimization or obsolete
from tor package.


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