about php-qa, phpUnderControl and meta packages

Christof Damian christof at damian.net
Wed Jun 2 16:31:00 UTC 2010

I am reposting this from fedora php-devel list to get a bigger
audience. My questions are not that PHP specific:

I got two questions regarding my effort to package more of the php-qa
packages for fedora.

I have made a package for phpUnderControl now, but to use it you still
have to install CruiseControl by hand. phpUnderControl also patches
the CruisceControl installation, so it isn't something that can easily
packaged as an RPM.

Does it still make sense to bring phpUnderControl into Fedora even
though it requires an external software package?

Second question: I would love to have a meta package which brings all
of these packages ( phpunit, phpmd, phpcpd, phpdoc, phpcs, Mockery,
...) together and allows installation with one yum command. But as far
as I could detect from the random posts it seems that meta packages
are not really wanted on Fedora. An alternative is the comps list, but
that doesn't allow for rapid changes and phpqa would be a bit

A third option would be to make something like phpUnderControl require
all of these. The pear package already suggests some of them, but it
isn't a hard require.

My final goal is to make Fedora the best development environment for
PHP, where you can get the full set-up of tools just with a few (or
one) yum command. Ideally this would work on RHEL too, but I guess not
before 6.0 and not for much after that because the shipped PHP release
will too old again. With the Remi repository it would also work on
older RHEL.

Any suggestions are welcome :-)


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