suggestion: rescue boot extension

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Wed Jun 2 21:04:18 UTC 2010

Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Is it better to have a separate volume for this, or to just have a sort
> of rescue initramfs ...?
> Seems like the latter is more flexible but then I'm no boot process wizard.

Good suggestion.

Another one: What about LVM snapshots? and/or btrfs snapshots?

Either way would be less wasteful than a whole partition that would be 
obsolete in a few weeks and may or may not have to deal with byte 
growing pains if the initial size is too small years down the road.

Another scenario: Your Fedora 14 rescue boot partition was built against 
kernel 2.6.34, but the root file system of your Fedora 18 installation 
is of a new experimental file system only found in kernel 2.6.38. The 
rescue partition is wasted space at this point.

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