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On 06/04/2010 08:59 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:
>> Taken into account, thanks. Some automatic way to add libraries may be
>> very useful. At the moment all the libraries can be only manually added
>> to the system by the administrator. If you want to add some library to
>> the system than send a request to me or
>> upstream-tracker at
>> <mailto:upstream-tracker at>
> There are some false positives in your checks. In particular, some 
> (actually, most, if not all) of the "new" virtual functions you flag for 
> kdelibs are just added reimplementations of virtual functions in a base 
> class. Those don't change the layout of the vtable at all, they just replace 
> an entry pointing to the function inherited from the base class with an 
> entry pointing to the new reimplemented function.

Thank you very much for this report. I've fixed a serious bug in the
checker's code relative to this issue.

> Another problem is that e.g. for GTK+, you have a linear sequence including 
> development versions, but ABI guarantees are never from one development 
> version to the next, but only from one stable version to the next. 
> Development versions are only required to be backwards-compatible with the 
> previous stable version, as is the next stable version. So the previous 
> version in linear sequence is not always the correct reference. (The same 
> holds for kdelibs, by the way, but there your table doesn't include 
> development versions, making this a non-issue.) A lot of the "breakage" 
> reported for GTK+ is actually APIs added in a development branch and 
> adjusted before the official release. This is perfectly within the scope of 
> GTK+'s API/ABI guarantees.
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Andrey Ponomarenko

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