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Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Tue Jun 8 23:46:54 UTC 2010

Luke Macken wrote:
> This report definitely conveys the shortcomings in our testing, however,
> it does show us improving with each release. For Fedora 13, we implemented
> the No Frozen Rawhide process with improved Critical Path policies, which
> were definitely a success. With these enhanced procedures, along with the
> upcoming implementation of AutoQA and the new Package update acceptance
> criteria
> (, I
> think we'll see these numbers drastically improve in the future.

Only because those numbers are taylored towards that very process (they 
measure the exact same things that process is going to enforce) and do not 
reflect the actual quality of the packages in any way.

You can make really anything a "success" by measuring the very symptoms of 
the process and calling them a metric of "quality".

The reasons for which Bodhi karma (especially in its current incarnation) is 
a completely broken indicator of quality have been pointed out in several 
past threads.

        Kevin Kofler

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