pidgin obsoleting itself

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Jun 9 10:23:49 UTC 2010

On 09/06/10 11:06, Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> 2010/6/9 Chen Lei<supercyper1 at>:
>> But in this case, the obsoletes seems excessive, since
>> pidgin-evolution already depends on pidgin.  If pidgin-evolution don't
>> depend on pidgin, the obsoletes is a must, without it pidgin will be
>> replaced by pidgin-evolution.
> If it pidgin-evolution was previously in main package, then this
> obsoletes is required. W/o this requires users may suffer from missing
> functionality after upgrade.
> Briefly:
> * We need to split off p.-e, from pidgin


> * We need to install both of them while upgrading (Obsoletes in
> pidgin-evo) in order not to loose functionality.

The Obsoletes: in pidgin-evo causes pidgin-evo to be pulled in, which is 
fine. The package should obsolete pidgin packages prior to the split but 
not the ones after the split.

> * We need to not erase main pidgin (Obsoletes in pidgin)

Not needed if pidgin-evo depends on pidgin itself - the regular 
dependency mechanism should pull the main pidgin package in. And since 
the new pidgin package is versioned later than the split, it's no longer 
obsoleted by the pidgin-evo subpackage. Does that not work?


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