pidgin obsoleting itself

Chen Lei supercyper1 at
Wed Jun 9 16:36:35 UTC 2010

2010/6/10 Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at>:
> On Wed, 9 Jun 2010 15:38:48 +0100, Stu wrote:
>> I implemented it based on recommendations on the yum wiki that I saw
>> someone else referred to in #fedora-devel :
> Well, that's exactly an example where the two Obsoletes compete with
> eachother. It works only partially. For an ordinary Yum update.
> It fails for a Yum install. I warn about such competing Obsoletes, because
> they strictly require the user to go the "yum -y update ; yum install ..."
> route everytime they want to install an additional package. When talking
> to some packagers related to broken deps, I've learned that some have
> tried to add extra Obsoletes to make "yum install ..." pull latest updates
> for new sub-packages just as "yum update ..." does. That has lead to bad
> updates.
> In case of pidgin-evolution, it only works because pidgin-evolution
> also _requires_ (!) a specific release of pidgin. If that weren't the case,
> a "yum install pidgin-evolution" would simply remove (= obsolete!) pidgin.
> For a Yum install, an arbitrary package's Obsoletes are not considered
> unless the package becomes part of the transaction set.
> Competing Obsoletes => playing with fire.

I think it's accept in rawhide since it can provide a sane upgrade
path for dist upgrade.

Chen Lei

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