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Ryan Rix ry at n.rix.si
Fri Jun 11 19:46:52 UTC 2010

On Thu 10 June 2010 2:44:47 pm Jesse Keating wrote:
> It's been a while since I last updated folks on dist-git, and in reality
> it's been a while since I last worked on it.  Fedora 13 took up all my
> time.
> Since my last update we've made great progress on fedpkg, the new tool
> that will replace the make system.  It is packaged up with
> fedora-packager and has the ability to do many tasks that our Make
> system handled.  Here is a quick list:
> build
> chainbuild
> clean
> clog
> clone
> compile
> gimmespec
> install
> lint
> local
> mockbuild
> new
> new_sources
> prep
> scratchbuild
> sources
> srpm
> unusedpatches
> verrel
> Many of these targets take optional arguments which extend their
> functionality and replace some other specific Make targets.  This list
> is enough to get us checking code out and in, and building in koji.
> On the koji front we've recently discovered the changes necessary to
> build from dist-git style repos, and those changes are being polished up
> and committed upstream.  We have done multiple builds successfully from
> dist-git repos.
> Where do we go from here?
> We're ready for more wide scale testing, and to facilitate that I am
> refreshing the git repos from current CVS (people with existing clones
> will have to blow them away and re-clone), and getting a koji stage
> instance up that we can build against (with limited builders).  We'll
> then push out another fedora-packager update that has the right URLs to
> build against this stage Koji and announce that it is ready for
> building.
> Based on this testing, and some decisions around git tagging and branch
> usage, we stand a good chance at being able to roll this out prior to
> the F14 branch event.  I hope you are all as excited as I am about this!

How will this affect current packagers' workflow? Will the changes necessary 
be documented on the wiki? It doesn't seem straight off the bat that this 
would be a drop-in replacement without packagers needing to tweak their 


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