To construct a Zope skyscraper on Fedora

Nathaniel McCallum nathaniel at
Sun Jun 20 16:05:00 UTC 2010

On 06/20/2010 07:00 AM, Robin 'cheese' Lee wrote:
> On 06/20/2010 12:22 PM, Jonathan Steffan wrote:
>> On Fri, 2010-06-18 at 21:08 +0800, Robin 'cheese' Lee wrote:
>>> The 'zope' package itself is most kept under the same conventions of the
>>> legacy 2.10.x 'zope' package.
>> With zope 2.12 supporting py2.6, I think we might actually have a shot
>> at making this work. However, immediately off the bat if we stick 2.12.x
>> into "zope" what happens to grok? What packages are going to break? Too
>> many things need zope 2.x so updating the "zope" namespace to zope 3
>> would break a lot of good software. What happens to plone? Do we just
>> ditch Plone 3 and only support Plone 4?[2]
> This is really worrying.

For our own sanity we are going to have to make some tough choices.  I 
don't think we can please everyone.  I do however, think we can please 
most people.


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