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Thanks for the information. 

I have tried to contact upstream with no success, their website hasn't been updated in a while, and the latest sources appear to be five years old.

There hasn't been a package update in three months so I'll submit as new after I fix a few issues.



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  19.06.2010 20:34, Ian Baker ?????:
> Hello to all.
> The subject package is currently orphaned and I'm thinking of taking 
> it over.
> One problem I can foresee is that, as far as I can tell, there's no 
> longer an upstream maintainer and at least one patch is required to 
> fix compilation issues (warnings) and the code needs a general tidy-up.
> I could maintain the patches locally, or as a small pet project I 
> could take over upstream maintenance which shouldn't require much work 
> as the codebase is small.
> Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated and I'm new so please 
> go easy!
> Thanks.
> Ian
In the similar situation with dead upstream of trafshow I was told 
became upstream developer for it if I want see it in Fedora.

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