PulseAudio profile change upon plugging hardware

Ahmed Kamal email.ahmedkamal at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 21 18:30:54 UTC 2010

Hi Fedorians,

Lately I've hit a Just-Works™ experience with Fedora and it rox. Basically,
I purchased a Bluetooth headphone, paired to my fedora box, and boom it
appears as an audio device inside pulseaudio. I was happy with how simple it
was to use it to talk via skype .. Awesome! Then I wanted something more
advanced, I wanted to only use the BT headphone's mic, while having audio
output via the full laptop speakers. A couple of clicks inside pulseaudio
GUI, and that works too .. very very cool ! Thank you Lennart and everyone
who helped make this possible. Thanks for bringing the free desktop to the
21st Century.

Now, what remains to be missing (at least I can't figure it out) is:
Whenever I pair my BT headphone, I want PA to automatically use its mic, but
audio output should remain on the main speakers. Basically, I want a certain
PA "profile" to be applied whenever different audio devices are plugged
in/out. I wonder if this functionality is already available. If not, I'd
like to file an RFE. Thanks again for a nice surprise

Best Regards
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