move libusb from /usr/lib to /lib

Jan Vcelak jvcelak at
Tue Jun 22 17:14:38 UTC 2010


I would like to move libusb library from /usr/lib to /lib.

Some services might require the library when /usr is not mounted. e.g. nut 
(UPS management daemon, bz #453704) needs it at shutdown time.

If course, I would like to refrain from any trouble it can bring. If you 
think, that moving the library is a bad idea, or that it will break your 
package, please, let me know.

I'm going to move libusb and libusb1 as well. And I will create symlinks in 
/usr/lib for them.

The bug is already filed for this, #519716.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.



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