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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Sun Jun 27 07:36:24 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-06-26 at 23:10 +0200, Björn Persson wrote:
> Chris Adams wrote:
> > Once upon a time, Simo Sorce <ssorce at> said:
> > > Ideally your UPS is smart enough to sense when the load drops to 0,
> > > and do whatever it needs to do w/o system intervention of any sort. If
> > > your UPS can't do that, maybe it is time to look for alternatives :)
> > 
> > That's nice if you only have a computer plugged into the UPS (even then,
> > the load will never go to 0, due to ATX standby current).  However, here
> > in the real world, I have a router, switch, DSL modem, monitor,
> > speakers, etc. on my UPS.
> There exist a certain kind of power strips where you plug the computer into a 
> special controlling outlet, and all the peripherals into the other outlets. 
> When the current drawn through the controlling outlet drops below an 
> adjustable threshold, it cuts off power to the other outlets. If you'd put such 
> a device between your UPS and your computer equipment, the UPS would then 
> sense (if it has this feature) that the load has dropped to a very low value.

Remember, this all started as a discussion about how shutdown scripts
should work. Assuming all our UPS users have smart UPSes and also smart
power strips seems something of a stretch.
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