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Sun Jun 27 21:14:58 UTC 2010

On 06/27/2010 10:17 AM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Robert Nichols writes:
>> On 06/23/2010 04:24 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>>> On 23 June 2010 09:50, Tomasz Torcz<tomek at> wrote:
>>>> “/sbin/upsdrvctl is used as the near final step in /etc/init.d/halt
>>>> to command
>>> That's completely bogus. You really don't want to just power down the
>>> machine like that -- it might lead to disk corruption and is certainly
>>> not a good idea for a server with a huge power load.
>>> I really don't think we want this feature in Fedora.
>> That action occurs after all filesystems have been unmounted and just
>> before /sbin/halt will be called to shut down the ATA power supply or
>> /sbin/reboot called to send control back to the BIOS. The OS has
>> already cleaned up for shutdown.
> The root filesystem is still mounted read/write, as I believe.

I added a line "touch /junkfile" in /etc/init.d/halt just prior to the
code that would turn off the UPS.  The result was:

    touch: cannot touch `/junkfile': Read-only file system

The code that remounts remaining file systems read-only is just a few
lines above that.  The only time that's going to fail is if some hung
process resisted a "kill -9" and had a file open for writing.  That's
going to result in a dirty file system regardless of how the shutdown
is done.

Shutting down the UPS is a requirement if you want the system to come
back up automatically when commercial power is restored.  Otherwise,
the system will halt and never see a power remove/restore unless the
outage exceeds the battery life of the unloaded UPS.

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