Gpsim 0.25.0 release candidate

Roy Rankin rrankin at
Mon Jun 28 11:26:15 UTC 2010

The release candidate for Gpsim 0.25.0 has been built in rawhide. The 
source tarball and SVN can also be found at The planned release date is 
July 12. The features of the release are given below.

Roy Rankin


       GNU Pic Simulator, a simulator for
       Microchip's PIC microcontrollers.

Version 0.25.0 release

New Processors:

	P16f882 P16f883 P16f884 P16f886 P16f887

Bugs fixed

3021904		 fix porta7 as I/O pin for P18 processors
3021514		 MSSP SPI behaviour broken
3018510		 Cycle counter off by one on break from run
3012488		 gpsim gives sigsegv using finish button on hex file
3009843  	 Simulation Time HH:MM:SS.CC displays incorrectly
2999264  	 Processor does not wake from sleep on b0 edge
2983660  	 PLUSW register misbehaviour
2983580  	 breadboard trace bug
2979021  	 memory_size_mask makes incorrect assumption
2977843		 attempt write to invalid file register
2973978		 realtime mode can lockup
2973982  	 scope resize not permenant
2968268  	 Loading EEPROM data from COD on 18F
2968248  	 DAW instruction failure case
2926629  	 change Simulation Time format crash
2902082  	 Incomplete PORTx/LATx interaction
2885817  	 wrong program memory sizes for pic16f62x
2868402  	 missing readline check in configure
		 Fix uninitialised ssp_module pointer (potential segfault)
		 Fix to TTL377 so that all eight latches update "simultaneously"

Feature requests closed

2977969  	 Colour blindness discrimination problem
2943904  	 Add support for 16F887 and 18F4455
3007214  	 Re-implement PAL Video Module

New Features

	src/ and modules/ license change to LGPLv2+
	ECCP implemented
	video module resurected
	Added back HLL source browser support
	DS1307 realtime clock extra added
	extras compiled and loaded as part of gpsim
	Added TTL595 serial-in-parallel-out shift register

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