Feature 14 - official Fedora re-spins

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Mon Jun 28 15:25:33 UTC 2010

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On 6/27/10 2:12 PM, Micha? Piotrowski wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if it would be a big problem to create regular (for example,
> every three months) re-spins of main installation images - cd's and
> dvd's for i386 and x86_64 (not livecd's).
> Fedoraunity http://fedoraunity.org/re-spins creates such images, but
> it's not regular.
> Regards,
> Michal

Re-spins take time and energy.  Part of the reason the Unity project
doesn't do them regularly is because changes in the distribution
packages happen during a release and cause things to no longer work as
designed within the installer.  Anaconda has over the years made use of
more and more existing utilities to get it's job done instead of
maintaining their own versions of things.  While this is good for code
sharing, it means changes in these utilities can break anaconda.
Discovering these changes and preparing / backporting code to take them
into account takes time and energy, time and energy that would have been
spent on making the next release better.  Our releases come fast enough
for our development team, one might say too fast.  If we were to insert
re-spins every 3 months we would be doing a rather insane amount of
release wrangling between the re-spins for each active release and the
ongoing work to prepare the release in development.  Put simply, we
don't have the resources to take this on as an "official" offering,
requiring devel, releng, QA, marketing, et al resources.

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