libjpeg-turbo conflicts in rawhide

Chen Lei supercyper1 at
Wed Jun 30 12:04:40 UTC 2010

2010/6/30 Rich Mattes <richmattes at>:
> I played with it a little bit more last night, the problem occurred when
> my package pulled in graphviz.  Graphviz has a BR:libjpeg-devel, and
> makes no mention of libjpeg-utils.  It only relies on libjpeg for the
> libraries, and doesn't need any of the utils (my package only uses
> libjpeg's libraries as well).  I guess since libjpeg-turbo didn't
> obsolete libjpeg, graphviz was quite happy pulling in libjpeg instead of
> libjpeg-turbo.
> Rich
> --

I think It's a bug of yum-builddep, libjpeg is obsoleted by
libjpeg-turbo-utils, and graphviz don't depends on libjpeg explicitly,
I don't know how libjpeg can be pulled in.

Chen Lei

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